Top End Fabrication opened our doors in 2001. We started out small with just a few tools and a few customers, and most importantly, a desire and passion to do great work.

Our mission was simple:
  • Build trust-based relationships with our customers
  • Turn out the highest quality of work possible
  • Be honest and up front with people, and
  • No matter how successful we are, never forget who got us there. 

          With that, our customer base started growing out of control. We treat each project as if it was something we were doing for ourselves. If you are wanting a cheap, thrown-together job, you are in the wrong place. We would rather not do something unless we are able to hold it to our high standards. We have worked very hard to establish the reputation we have and it’s just not worth putting our name on a low quality job.  Top End Fabrication belives in doing the job right the first time .This helps save our customers money in the long run. We would never recommend something that is not needed or necessary. We just don’t believe in it.

          A lot of shops say they are the customer service specialist. Top End Fabrication's business is built on customer satifaction, which is how we want our customers to feel after they have left our shop. You will be satisfied when you leave, or you will not pay until you are. We want return customers as well as new customers.

          We know that not everyone has the vast knowledge that some others do. You will never be talked down upon just because of your lack of knowledge.  Please feel free to call anytime if you have any questions or come by our new facilty to see what we are about. give us a chance to earn your bussiness.         

          A lot of shops can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. At Top End Fabrication,  we believe we can do both.    
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